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A Virtual Consultation solution. Connecting You to a Doctor.

About VideoMed

VideoMed was created to make healthcare more accessible and cost effective for more people. The platform is a HIPAA compliant Medical Video Consultation Application, which means it is built within compliance of national standards to protect medical records and other personal health information.

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We have contracted a number of qualified medical professionals including;

  • Doctors
  • pharmacist icon
  • Nurses

How VideoMed works

Should you need to consult with a Doctor, VideoMed will facilitate the engagement once receiving confirmation of your scheduled appointment. Our healthcare partners will walk you through the process and legalities of a video consultation and ensure that the consultation is appropriate for your healthcare needs, and will refer is required. The healthcare worker will have access your appointment link to enter you into the virtual treatment room.

Make an appointment
Arrive for your appointment and consult online with the Doctor
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Our services

Our service provides you the ability to schedule a virtual appointment, with a registered practitioner, at a time selected by you.

Furthermore, a safe personal electronic health record is created to provide a continuum of care and up to date information for you and your consulting Doctor.

Obtain prescriptions, pathology documentation if required, and peace of mind that your healthcare needs are met through this compliant healthcare platform.

Simple, Accessible, Cost effective.

Benefits of VideoMed


VideoMed offers you the opportunity to book real-time video medical consultations with qualified medical professionals.


Provides easier access to a doctor and pharmacy clinic nurses when medical care is needed.


The platform delivers a smooth and simple consultation process.

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Improves collaboration between you and your doctor, for more effective goal setting and long-term treatment plans


A personal Electronic Health Record is created. It is securely stored and simplifies your medical records which is accessible through an online profile.


A less expensive healthcare solution

Contact Us

For any customer queries, technical issues or assistance booking an appointment please contact us through the following email address

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